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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 25, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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there's nothing more important than our health. so when it comes to health reform, we need a solution that works for all of us. now the president and congress have a plan that combines the best ideas, from democrats and republicans, business owners and workers, doctors, nurses and patients. a plan that keeps bureaucrats out of your health care you choose your own doctor, make your own decisions, and you can't be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. that's reform we can all feel good about.
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. this is 9news now. >> and 9news now is on the scene of a developing story out of maryland tonight. four bodies found inside a house. our gary nurenberg joins us live from the scene with the latest on this family tragedy. gary. >> reporter: anita, according to police, this appears to be a case, a clear case of murder. a concerned family friend came to check on his welfare late this afternoon, looked in a back window, saw a body and then called 911. police arrived at 5:40 and found the four bodies. >> the trooper said that this is an obvious murder scene. there were trauma on each of the victims. and, again, i can't be more specific than that right now.
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>> reporter: police have snot formally identified -- not formally identified the victims, but neighbors describe a family that has lived here for years unable to sell its home. a mother, a father, a little girl in elementary school, a son in high school who volunteered as a junior firefighter described as --. >> was young, active individual who learned about the fire service and came to us and joined as a junior member to join the fire service. >> reporter: a neighbor will miss the little girl. >> i saw her yesterday afternoon about 3:30, 4:00. she was a very sweet little girl. we took her with us to fairs. her and my son played all of the time. road bikes. had a good time out on the street. she was into all of the same girl stuff. hanna montana. barbies. all the stuff that all of the girls are into. >> reporter: and when you heard the news? >> i had to tell my kids.
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because -- it was very hard. very hard. >> reporter: after the initial discovery, police left the residence to wait for a formal search warrant. they received it at about 9:40 this evening, reentered the home and have begun the investigation inside. police believe that this may be a case of murder suicide. they want the neighborhood to know they believe the scene is self-contained. when we ask does that mean the perpetrator is still inside, they said only that's a possibility but wanted neighbor to know there is no active search for a perpetrator. he may be inside. it may be murder, suicide. police describing it as a possibility. but earlier they are unwilling to say much more. >> what a tragedy. gary nurenberg, thank you for the live report. well, meantime the state of maryland has recorded the first death of a child related to h1n1 flu. health officials are not releasing many details about the
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young victim. they will only say the youngster lived in the baltimore area and was dealing with other health problems in addition to the flu. this marks maryland's 8th death lirng to h1 -- link to h1n1. all we know about the case is it was a man who contracted the virus and had an underlying health condition as well that put him at greater risk of complications. the dc health department has just launched a new website devoted to h1n1 information and you can find a click link by going to our website. log on to our website and click on the health link. as terry reports, talk turned from economy to global security. >> reporter: president obama
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disclosed iraq's plan in violation of law. he put iran on notice. >> the choice they make over the next several weeks and months could well determine their ability to rejoin the international community or to find themselves isolated. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence has been monitoring construction of the facility for years. it shows the plant is cape able of producing -- capable of producing nuclear weapons and could be operational within months. iran insists it's for peaceful purposes saying the west has no proof of violations and shouldn't interfere. >> it seems to me what was done was a really big mistake. >> i'm sure they'll definitely feel sorry about their move. >> reporter: western allies say iran has until december to end the program or face harsh sanctions. >> the international community has no choice today but to draw a line in the sand. >> reporter: while talk shifted to security, it was the struggling world economy that summit leaders spent most of
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their time discussing here. g20 leaders laxed regulation and to work harder to control imbalances to contribute to last year's economic background. they agreed to leave programs in place until recovery is more certain. hundreds of demonstrators turned out on both days of the summit. police arrested dozens of protestors but most of the marches were peaceful. >> as the summit wrapped up, another tape surface reportedly from the most wanted man in the world. analysts believe that is, in fact, the voice of osama bin laden on a new audio tape released today. the speaker warns european countries with troops in afghanistan to pull those troops out or pay the price. the five-minute recording was released of national elections in germany this weekend. it is the latest in a series that threaten germany with a
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"rude awakening" if voters back a government that support the afghan war. here a central commit hee has selected a -- committee has selected a new nominee. john cowen. he replaces republican in the election on november 3rd. a long time friend of the late ted kennedy now occupies the senate seat he left behind. he is paul kirk, a former chairman of the democratic national committee. kirk was sworn in today by vice president joe biden. le hold the seat -- he will hold the seat until a special election in january. a new code of conduct is being issued for players on all maryland high school sports team, reminding them that no racial taunts are allowed. that after an incident last year. we first told you about it in september of last year. allegations that some football players in cumberland used
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racial slurs during a game against dunbar high school. dunbar forfeited the game when players became too upset to play. school officials deny any racial slurs occurred. don't be surprised if you see lots of emergency vehicles in the district this weekend. it is probably just a drill. police officers and first responders will conduct a series of drills in dc this weekend and the northern virginia emergency response system also holds a drill tomorrow, with crews from alexandria, arlington, fairfax, loudoun and prince george's county. sorry, travelers, but you're going to have to dig a little deeper to fly. delta, american and united stated airlines are all adding a $10 sure charge to most of their fares on three particular dates. the sunday after thanksgiving. we spoke with some passengers about it. >> i think it's been unfair to
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those folks who don't travel that frequently who are traveling to get home. especially military, students, that sort of thing. >> i think it's a bad idea. if they want to raise the ticket prices year round, they should go ahead and raise the ticket prices. sure charges are ridiculous. >> but that is the kind of taken advantage people resent. and they feel like the airlines have no mercy for them at all. >> right now, holiday air fares are running between 15-20% lower than last year. for those of you hitting the beltway, a heads up. specifically the beltway at mcclane. tonight all lanes of all of the inner and outer loop will be shut down between midnight and 5:00 a.m. crews are going to be moving power line as part of the dulles corridor metro rail project that is right there in mcclane. the weather should be okay for crews to get that done but
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the weather this weekend, top, wooesh not feeling that confident. >> the wet -- we're not feeling that confident. >> here is your forecast first now. overnight partly to mostly cloudy. much cooler. low temperatures 54-62 and winds turn easterly at about ten. temps generally in the 60s right now after a high of 77. 65 at nashville. 63 in frederick and 53 in manassas. we'll come back and break down the weekend. we've tweaked the forecast a little bit. it's actually a little brighter. >> sounds good, top. a night at the table for a good cause. look at the events that even brought elvis out coming up.
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and welcome back. here is your forecast first. no sure charge on this either. tomorrow rain and showers light in the afternoon. heavy at night. it's going to be wet for the terps in college park. and very wet for the hokies down in blacksburg. upper 60s. that's it. what we did is push the shower a little earlier on sunday. i think sunday will be a decent day. 76. and then monday pretty nice too. upper 70s. another front approaches and showers and thunderstorms possible in the evening. that will usher in pretty cool air next week. temperatures right now are very comfortable. 97 past alleghany. 63 in belle haven and 63 in dumfries. now, lows tonight plenty of 50s. 55 in great falls. 58 in bethesda. 57 in silver spring. downtown right around 60.
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great falls and tyson 57. dulles in the mid 50s as well. now, tomorrow morning clouds on the increase and cool but dry. if you have early soccer games for the kids, can you get them in. if you want to cut the grass early, you can do that. 50s and 60s, winds southeasterly at ten. by afternoon, though, dufrn story. -- different story. light rain develops depending on where you are. if you're south and west of town maybe as early as 2:00 p.m. if east maybe 4:00 p.m. winds southeasterly at about ten. wet saturday. drying sunday. and drying pretty quickly on sunday. cool saturday. mild sunday. heavy rain saturday night. we're probably lacking at over -- looking at over an inch of rain. maybe 1-2 inches and then clearing on subbed. i think sunday -- sunday. i think sunday will end up being nice day over all. heavy at night on saturday. ending sunday before church. upper 70s on monday.
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another front comes through. showers and thunderstorms. in the wake of that, pretty cool. even with full sun. we're talking upper 60s. mid 60s on wednesday. temperatures will rebound into the low to mid 70s on thursday and friday. st. mary's county fair celebrating maryland's 375th birthday. and weather will cooperate on sunday. not sooch tomorrow. >> okay. we -- so much tomorrow. >> okay. we can plan for that. well, the fair offers fun, games and food. but the fair show cases and teaches the public about farming and all that goes into it. in a recent visit, kurt brooks show us how the local family farmers are surviving in the 21st century. >> reporter: at the fair, they're showing competition today. >> i got eight. >> reporter: she is the fifth generation of beachly to work and lif on the family farm -- live on the family farm.
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how does the modern farmer survive? >> we're looking to diversify. we sell hay. if they have the ability to do grain operation maybe if the livestock is down and the crop is up, it helps balance the budget. >> you have to do what have you to do. >> reporter: indeed one of the way scott make things meet is scott's home building service. colby ferguson says for family farms to survive, they must reach the local consumer directly. >> when you buy it locally, when you can go to the farm or you can go to that farmer's market and you can talk to the person that picked it, grout it to you that day -- grew it to you that day, you have good situation. >> reporter: audrey went to school. she says of her future. >> i like to see how stuff is growing and getting better. >> reporter: it might take hard
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work but the future looks sunny. >> colby ferguson says the best defense of recent jute breaks of con -- outbreaks of contaminated food is to know where your food comes from. not a great baseball weekend coming up. but if you're interested in seeing the nats at home next year it may cost you less to do so. it is cutting prices in more than 3300 seats. the nats ranked 13th out of 16 teams when it comes to attendance. redskins legend tried his luck at the table for a very good cause. he took part in the metro casino night in arlington. it gave people the chance to meet with slebz while playing -- is he lebz while playing -- celebs while playing blackjack. it's not the new lexus.
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it's not the new bmw. it's not the new audi. what it is... is impossible to resist. the new twenty-ten lacrosse from buick. it's the new class of world class. there's nothing more important than our health. so when it comes to health reform, we need a solution that works for all of us. now the president and congress have a plan that combines the best ideas, from democrats and republicans, business owners and workers, doctors, nurses and patients. a plan that keeps bureaucrats out of your health care you choose your own doctor, make your own decisions, and you can't be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. that's reform we can all feel good about.
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let's talk about cramming. extra charges showing up on cell
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phone bills. as living smart anchor lesli foster shows us, these charges are for things like premium text messages, e-mail accounts and voicemail services you never wanted or received. >> reporter: teens. adults. >> i think it's a trap. >> reporter: anyone with a cell phone can get crammed. >> definitely a scam. >> reporter: and it starts on the internet. promises of free fillups. when prizes. get coupons. the catch. provide your cell phone number. jason freed did it. >> it said i know your cell phone number. >> reporter: for an online obama voting quiz. >> i got my cell phone bill and it had premium text message charge for $9 99. and each time i got a check it was $9.99. >> reporter: and it can be embarrassing. this woman's daughter showed up using her cell phone number. >> they think you'll never notice it's on there. >> reporter: and this doctor isn't even sure how they got his
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number to charge his bill. >> they said your son authorized it. i said that can't be. he hasn't lived here for 15 years. >> reporter: recently the florida attorney general talked about charges that weren't so free. free ring tone with paid monthly subscription of $9.99 a month. so the next time you're asked for a cell phone number to take iq quizzes or win prizes or even get coupons, listen to the doctor's diagnosis. >> it was bogus. >> so if this happens to you, first report it to your wireless company to resolve it. if that doesn't work, report it to the fcc. also you can ask your wireless provider to put a block on outside parties from billing your account. i'm lesli foster for 9news now and >> if you go to our website, we have the form you need to file with the fcc to
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complain about cramming charges if it's happened to you. just look for it under our section called living smart. now, monday night at 11:00, a common product in most homes is proving highly toxic to pets. sometimes even fatal. how to protect your four-legged family members only on nine new news now at 11:00. sara joins us now. she going to be coming up next with sports.
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and now, 9 sports with sara walsh, the best sports in town. >> the beautiful thing about football season is re deposition is always just -- redemption is always just seven days away. and tomorrow afternoon, the terps are going to need a big dose of that to erase what has so far been a shaky start to
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this '09 season. the terps -- maryland graduate today 30 so the terps knew this would be a rebuilding year. and despite the upset just a week ago, they have the right formula tore better days a -- for pet better -- for better days ahead. >> if you keep working at it, you fail, you learn, you grow, you get better, you have that attitude, eventually you'll be good. >> nfl the redskins leave for detroit tomorrow. portis is listed as questionable with a sore ankle. meanwhile there is going to be a new guy in front of him. he will get his first nfl snap in detroit. >> the start season braves and he is not going it like this. top of the first atlanta up one. check out the guys in the outfield. neither one going for it. that is willie harris, justin maxwell. the braves with three unearned
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runs. they win 4-1. >> now operation football. on to the high school highlights. it's week four of operation football and we begin with our game of the week. two unbeaten putting their perfect records on the line. it is robinson and it didn't take long for the rams. second place in scrimmage. check out the move right here. we like it. 59 yards. 7-0 robinson. the next possession backfield buddy carter riley with a nice run. taking it in from 20 yards out. robinson roaring this evening. we got northwest at prince orchards. receiver picks the snap. tosses the quarterback. he is brought down at the one. the jaingz would score on the -- jaingz would score on the -- jags would score on the very
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next play. they win this one 37-13. now we had up-wards in sky nine. it's skylights liberty at loudoun county. the raiders knocking on the door. punching it in for the touchdown. last score. it's a tie seven all. back in maryland fourth quarter they're up 27-6. but tracey martin right there in the end zone already. it's a touchdown. defense would get the stop and on the punt return morris driven into the end zone. and in case you didn't know what this is, the entire team points it out. they win it 24-13. back up into the air for more skylights. spartan is up 14-0. taking the handoff. fighting for the first down.
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rolled big. 52-22. and, finally, topper, we saved this one for you, lan done hosting -- landon hosting riverdale baptist. taking the handoff. that made it 24-7. topper's school wins it big 31-7. >> all right. >> i did that for you. >> thank you. >> since you brought us good weather. did you see how that works? >> no rain on a friday night. you have to like that. >> your bear did that for you. i'll give him the credit. >> okay. and that is 9news now for tonight. thanks for staying up with us on a friday. and don't forget we're always on at letterman is up next with ll cool jay. goodnight. >> have a good weekend.
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